God has shown us through Eph. 5:8-19, Matt. 25:14-30, Mark 12:41-44 that we are to
contribute our time, talents, and treasures to further the kingdom of God. We have many opportunities for you to serve God here in the local church body.


The most important contribution you can make is time. The first way that you can
contribute time is by being faithful with your attendance. You can also contribute time to helping one of the many ministries at Emmanuel. If you would like to contribute time or would like to see what opportunities there are to contribute please get with Pastor or one of our deacons.


If God has blessed you with a talent you may have the opportunity to bless others with it. Whether you play an instrument, sing, landscape, paint, work construction etc. there are many opportunities for you to bless the church and/or its members. If you would like to contribute or see how you can contribute your talents please get with Pastor or one of our deacons.


Making a financial contribution is an outward expression of the gratitude and love that we have for God. We seek to worship God with all that we are and all that we have – and this includes our finances. Throughout Scripture we are instructed to give to God from the finances that He has entrusted to us and blessed us with.
God uses your tithes and offerings to provide for the many ministries of Emmanuel
Baptist Church. We will honor your gift with good stewardship and full accountability so that our financial partnership is beyond reproach.
There are many different ways to give and God has promised to honor your commitment to Him. You can always leave cash or check in a church offering envelope when you join us on Sundays Mornings. If you would prefer your total amount given to be considered anything other than a tithe just simply note the ministry name and amount you wish to designate in the notes section (i.e. if you are combining your tithe and offerings your memo may look like this; Tithe: $10, Missions: $5, Youth camp $5).


(one tenth of our income given to the local church)

This money is given by the members of the church to support the ministry we do here in Wichita Falls, pay our bills, and maintain our property. The word literally means ten percent, and giving back this portion of our income to God shows that He’s the most important thing to us.

Offerings or Designated Gifts

(giving above and beyond the tithe or to a specific ministry)
When you feel challenged by God to give beyond your tithe, that’s referred to as an
offering. Whether you know of a special need in the Church, (designated offering) or just want to give back to God from the excess that He has blessed you with, God will always honor you when you honor Him with your finances.